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Question #1:      I want to appear for CSS exams but I don’t know where to get information about it?

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) announces every year (usually in the month of October / November) holding of the Competitive Examination for Central Superior Services (CSS) of Pakistan. The advertisement appears in almost every leading newspaper of the country. Besides, it is displayed at the official website of the FPSC. The required qualification, age limitation (relaxations in case of government servants and candidates belonging to backwards areas), fresh syllabus of all subjects could be obtained from FPSC, after the publication.

It is advisable to start preparing for the competitive examination well before the FPSC advertisement. The time needed for preparation of the examination varies from person to person. Those with sound command over English and having full understanding / knowledge of all compulsory and optional subjects may prepare in three to four months. Usually it takes two to four months for good students with command over English. Those lacking general or subjects’ knowledge and struggling in English may take 3-6 months, provided they fully commit themselves for CSS.

Citi Officers Academy is specialized institution, established by a group of leading CSS officers, to properly guide and assist the aspirants of CSS Examination. The institute offers 10 to 12 weeks courses in which all six compulsory and most of the common opted optional subjects are thoroughly covered. The course includes spot tests and final mock examination. The skills of the candidates are carefully developed not only to properly prepare for the examination but to correctly write answers. The CSS preparation time is effectively reduced after completing the course from Citi Officers Academy, because the trained candidates do not have waste time eneryg in searching books, selecting subjects, etc.

Question # 2:   How many papers do I have to appear?

The written exam comprises of six (6) compulsory and four (4) to six (6) optional subjects carrying 1200 marks in all. Compulsory Subjects include English (Essay), English (Précis & Composition), Islamiyat and three papers of General Knowledge: Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs and Every Day Science (EDS), each carrying 100 marks.

There fourty (40) Optional Subjects available for selection. They are grouped in nine (9) groups. Twenty two (22) subjects are full units, with two papers, and carry 200 marks, for instance, Political Science and Geography. The remaining eighteen (18) subjects carry 100 marks and are half units. You have to choose subjects carrying 600 marks. A number of restrictions are applicable which must be followed while choosing the optional subjects.

Written exams are followed by Viva-voce for the successful candidates. This includes psychological tests, interview and group discussions. However, for updated rules, official website of FPSC must be visisted.

Question # 3:   I have completed my education / graduation and want to start preparing for CSS exam seriously. How do I get started?

There is no hard and fast rule for CSS preparation. You may like to begin by having a look at the syllabus for selecting your optional subjects. You may wish to start preparing optional or compulsory subjects as your study plan suggests. However, beginners, at least most of them, need to improve their reading skills as well as vocabulary. So get in the habit of reading newspapers (preferably Daily Dawn) and periodicals (e.g. Economist, Financial Times) to improve vocabulary. Start writing on topics of your interest so that you start developing a good written expression.

A well structured study would require ‘time management’. You would know how many months are left in the examination. You should decide how many hours you could devote each day for your CSS preparation. Multiply daily study hours with the days available until the examination. For example, you have six months and you could study eight hours a day => 180*8=1440 hours (approx.) are at your disposal. Now you have to prepare for twelve subjects in all. Suppose you could effectively utilize only 1200 hours, instead of 1440. This means you have 100 hours of preparation for each subject. Usually a good student prepares 15 to 18 topics for compulsory and 12 to 15 topics for each 100 marks optional subject. Thus, you have around six (6) hours to prepare each topic as well as to revise it at least twice before the examination to guarantee success. If you are able to prepare your schedule for preparation and manage the time you are half way through!!

If you feel that you are not confident about your English language, it is advisable to take corrections on your drafts from a teacher.

Citi Officers Academy offers full solution to your CSS preparation issues, and offers a twelve (12) Weeks Course for the comprehensive CSS Preparation.

Question # 4: I am studying at University and plan to take the CSS exams in few years time. Is there anything that I need to do?

Strong educational base always helps. Build good academic habits. Read good books on literature and other subjects of your interest (preferably from among those in CSS syllabus) and international politics and stay in touch with current affairs magazines so that you start developing a world view of issues.

Question # 5:    I cannot decide my optional subjects. Need help?

Selecting the right combination of optional subjects always takes time. You should select subjects of your interest and previous educational background. Besides, seek guidance from the senior CSS officers and university teachers well versed with CSS. Meanwhile do not waste time and take on the compulsory subjects.

At the start of each course, Citi Officers Academy  offers THREE DAYS free session(FREE WORKSHOP) in which the faculty of the optional subjects gives overview of each optional subject and inform the candidates about the average score / marks range in last few years. The faculty guides each candidate about his / her capability to take any particular subject or otherwise. There are a few subjects which any graduate may take and score good marks.

Remember CSS is a competitive examination and you need to score better to get the service / group of your choice. Hence, selection of good scoring subjects, but manageable by the candidate, is very crucial for success in the examination.

Question # 6:    Which are the most scoring subjects?

Experience has shown that there is no formula or typical combination that gives more score. Examiner preferences may result in strict or lenient marking in some subjects but there is no consistent pattern. So avoid falling in the trap of being told that a certain subject is scoring. High scores in a certain subject may only be one or two time / year phenomenon.

However, it has been noticed that simple subjects, commonly taken by most of the candidates, usually fetch low scores.

Question No. 7:     I just can’t do it. This is too much. I cannot handle so much pressure. There is so much left to study and there is so little time now. I think I should quit. Should I?

Absolutely Not. Remember everyone is passing through the same stress. Feel strong! Even those who top the exams go through the same pressure. Feeling like having studied in the wrong way and having followed wrong study plan is just usual. As long as you were studying something, it will pay.

The faculty at Citi Officers Academy always keeps the candidates registered at institute on the track and relieves your stress.

Question # 8:    Does this mean that I don’t worry about my study plan?

No. That’s not the point. Study plan is very important. You need to have a long term as well as a short term study plan, at least in your head, if not on paper. Gradually as you will discover your own strengths and pass through unpredictable areas in preparation, you may need to adjust your plan accordingly. But there is no success without discipline in your studies.

The faculty at  Citi Officers Academy, we guide the candidates to meiculously prepare their study plan and follow it religiously.

Question No 9: Tell me one thing that is very important?

Commitment to your cause is the only thing, which is very important in CSS. If you are lacking commitment then it becomes very difficult to get through.

Besides, there are a number of thing that are also very important. First, keep looking at the previous question papers. They are the best guide for you. Before preparing a topic you must read and write questions that appeared at least in last Five (5) years, on that particular topic. Second, do not forget to improve your writing skills. Keep doing the writing practice. Finally, do not loose heart. If you can aim for it then you can do it.

Question # 10:      Why do people fail after so much hard work?

Hard work in only the foundation. You need to build on that. Remember you are in a competitive exam where scoring marks is very important. So knowledge is required yet your tact and method of attempting the exam is as important. Love knowledge. But keep the exam in mind and prioritize your studies according to it. Do not waste time on areas that may not be important for exam point of view.

Read the question very carefully and answer only what has been asked.

At Citi Officers Academy, we fully prepare the candidates to inculcate best practices of the examination to fetch good marks. Developing skills and improving habits of the candidates is the priority of Citi Officers Academy  rather than delivering lectures!!! You can learn incredibly long list of tips, techniques and strategies to perform well in the CSS examination.



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